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You are very welcome on our website dedicated to your hand’s hygiene. Now we live in a completely different world, when we are not allowed to go outside when we want to, we cannot even shop at groceries at the time when we want not mentioned that our children are not attending daycares not schools.

Nobody could predict to happen something like that. Neither did we. As things changed dramatically just in a few days and weeks, all the world changed how they look at each other. As the world is taken by a virus about which we do not know a lot yet, we have to protect ourselves and our close ones and one of the very important steps we can take is to have good hand hygiene as that is one of the best ways how to prevent the spread of new coronavirus.

So we created this website to give our visitors basic information on how to keep their hands clean in the most effective way. You might be surprised that washing your hands with water actually is the best way how to clean your hands from germs and viruses. Only if you cannot access water and soap you should think about using hand sanitizers. Also, you should know that the CDC has suggested using those alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% of alcohol.

Of course, we will give you more detailed information about hand sanitizers, their ingredients, situations where you should choose them and also when to avoid them. Hand washing will be the next important block we will take a closer look to give our visitors a wider look on hand hygiene options.

We also have collected plenty of hand sanitizers you can buy and we tried to give as much information as possible about each of them as it is crucial to know it the hand sanitizer is alcohol-based or alcohol-free.