How To Use Hand Sanitizer

How To Use Hand Sanitizer

If you have chosen to protect your hands from germs and viruses by using hand sanitizer, the method of applying it is pretty crucial. Just if you will not apply the appropriate amount of the hand sanitizer or will stop rubbing your hands before they are dry, you might end up with the illusion that you have killed the promised 99% of bacteria.

The process itself is very simple and would take just 20 seconds from your time each time you will need to clean your hands with hand sanitizer.

Before applying hand sanitizer, you should read the label to find out what is the advised amount you should use to clean your hands, but generally, it should be enough to cover both hands full.

Three simple steps to follow when applying hand sanitizer correctly:

  1. Apply hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand (use a proper amount of it).
  2. Rub your hands together (over all surfaces of your hands and fingers – the top, the bottom, your fingers, around fingertips, and even fingernails, also rub up your wrist).
  3. Let sanitizer to dry (you should not wave your hands to dry them as you can pick up microorganisms from the air).

Don’t wipe hands or rinse them after applying sanitizer.

This process should take at least 20 seconds to be effective.

You will not get full protection from hand sanitizer if you will not apply the correct amount or if you will wipe it off before your hands are dry.

No matter that the range of hand sanitizers is very wide and there are available alcohol-based and alcohol-free hand sanitizers, CDC suggests using alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol as the main ingredient.

There also are alcohol-free hand sanitizers, but those should be used only in the cases when you do not have access to the water and soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer as this is the least effective method of removing germs from your hands.