When To Use Hand Sanitizer

When To Use Hand Sanitizer

As we already have emphasized hand sanitizer use is suggested when you do not have access to water and soap. There actually are plenty of situations of your life when you cannot simply wash your hands to get all those germs off. We will list at least part of them just to remind you that pathogens can be everywhere around you and sometimes you simply forget about it.

Some cases you might think about hand sanitizer as a very good alternative to washing hands after:

  • getting into public transport,
  • you are driving a car,
  • subway,
  • twisting a doorknob on a public place,
  • shaking hands,
  • touching public stair railing,
  • visiting zoo,
  • touching animal,
  • you have touched cash,
  • touching a grocery cart,
  • pushing a button in an elevator,
  • visiting public or portable toilet,
  • movie,
  • concert.

Even more, you should use hand sanitizer before and after:

  • visiting hospitals and clinics,
  • visiting sick people,
  • visiting newborn babies.

In the mentioned cases, you have to protect yourself the same as the people you are visiting.

Studies prove that hand sanitizers are also effective in hospitals as there people do not get visibly dirty hands but still there might be lots of germs on them.

When choosing hand sanitizer keep in mind that CDC has suggested choosing alcohol-based hand sanitizers over alcohol-free sand sanitizers and the most effective will be those containing at least 60% of alcohol. The same importance is given to the correct amount applied. You have to give at least 20 seconds to the process of rubbing your hands with it until they are completely dry.