When You Should Not Use Hand Sanitizer

When You Should Not Use Hand Sanitizer

It might seem that hand sanitizer is the best method to get all those germs off your hands but there are several cases when using hand sanitizers is not suggested as they might not work effectively:

  • when your hands are visibly dirty,
  • when your hands are greasy,
  • after handling chemicals,
  • after sneezing or coughing into your hands.

Few situations of your life to easier understand when washing hands is more advised than using hand sanitizer:

  • after handling food,
  • after working in the garden,
  • after playing sports,
  • after camping,
  • after fishing,
  • after working on vehicles.

It also is not recommended to use hand sanitizer for people who have eczema as it can be irritating for such skin.

In case you are not in none of the mentioned situations and you do not have access to water and soap you are free to use hand sanitizer for your hand hygiene. The most effective for removing germs and viruses from your hands would be alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol as its main ingredient. Of course, do not forget to use hand sanitizer as recommended on the label by applying it on both hands and rubbing it in for at least 20 seconds until your hands are dry.